Free CDs!

Now you can enjoy the DC Wilson Band on CD in the comfort of your own home. For free..  

D. C. Does Dereham includes seventeen sizzling tracks - that's eighty glorious minutes - from the band's fifth anniversary appearance at the Dereham Blues Festival on Friday 13 August 2018. Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but this was a night that worked like a black cat's mojo.

Gangsters At The Gull ... yes, it was all fedoras, violin cases and feather boas at the Gull in Framigham Pigot one hot, hot evening in June, and this CD captures all the action! Get one yourself to play at your leisure in your own speakeasy,

Follow The Hat! includes seventeen tracks recorded at various venues in the Spring of 2018, including Can't No Grinding, Walking The Dog and When A Man Loves A Woman.

To get a copy of any one of these discs, just turn up at a DC Wilson gig, ask us, and we'll give you a copy, free, gratis and for no money, if we happen to have one concealed about our persons.

Otherwise, for each disc, send a stamped addressed envelope to the value of 67p to DC Wilson Band, c/o 89 Connaught Road, Cromer, NR27 0DB. The envelope should be able to accommodate a CD (13cm x 13cm) but be no larger than 16.5cm x 24cm. Please write on the back of the envelope the disc you require.

There! Easy as getting your mojo working long enough to walk the dog down to the post office!

THE SMALL PRINT: This offer applies to the UK only. Please allow a reasonable time for delivery: we might be on holiday, or something. If you'd like more than one CD, or you are outside the UK,  please inquire by email. Please don't send cash, postal orders, cheques, black cat bones &c. If your envelope hasn't got enough stamps on it, or is the wrong size, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to send you a CD, so please read the instructions carefully. We'll do our very best to fulfill orders as soon as we are able, but can't be held responsible for the vagaries of the Royal Mail. Really, it's easier just to come to the gig ...

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