Sunday, June 24, 2018

This Coming Friday at the Gull - Update

Greetings, Pop Pickers! As you all know, we'll be at the Gull in Framingham Pigot this Friday 29 June from 8:30pm. As you can see, they are expecting us.

What you might not know, however, is word from our sauces sources that around 70 meals have been booked for that evening -- possibly the biggest and busiest night for the venue since it re-opened in April. If you want to come down to boogie, the more the merrier - but if you want dinner and a show, make a reservation pronto through their website or get on the dog to 01508 492039.

And don't forget that our theme will be gangsters, so it'll be fedoras, violin cases, feather boas and 'Friends of Italian Opera' button badges all round. Though we don't expect DC to jump out of a cake.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Gangsters At The Gull

Our next date is at a new venue for us: the Gull at Framingham Pigot, on Friday 29 June, 8:30-11pm. The Gull is on the A146 Lowestoft Road just four miles out of Norwich.

We'll be theming this event as a Gangsters-and-Molls night, so please arrive dressed appropriately - fedoras, shades, two-toned shoes, sharp suits, feather boas and so on (violin cases optional). We will have some of our famous hats and hope to get some boas for the ladies!

This venue has had a major extension and upgrade with an elevated garden waterfall said to be the fountain of youth. Your host Steve Munson and the DC Wilson Band have obviously benefited from this. Why not try it yourself? Apart from this it boasts a fantastic menu with a posh carvery and a superior choice of wine and beer. There are mini heated tiki-huts in the garden where you can dine before the show...

Tiki-Huts. Recently.
... though we don't think DC will arrive bursting out of a giant cake [Actually, there's a thought. Ed.].

The originality continues inside with a large open-plan bar and restaurant with many small side rooms if you want something more intimate.There is also a deep well ...

... and a cellar which can both be viewed through a toughened glass floor in the bar. This new venture has been open a short while and is already gaining a lot of attention and clientele so book early if you want to eat!