Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hot, Hot, Hot!

What a party that was. The drinks were loaded, and so were the dolls. Violin cases, flapper dresses, feather boas, and suits so sharp you could cut yourself ... and that was just DC. Yes, that was the DC Wilson Band at the Gull Speakeasy Restaurant and Inn in Framingham Pigot where our Gangsters'n'Molls Night saw more shady characters on the dancefloor than the Southside of Chicago Norwich has seen since the St Valentine's Day Massacre. Press Gal Jean Perkins took some great pix (below, and on our pix page) and also shot some videos, which you can see on our flix page. Thanks Jean!

Here is the lucky winner of our best costume competition, who received a bottle of bootleg hooch from the Gull, and an exclusive edition of our live CD Follow The Hat!
On the QT, we heard she'd gone to the Powder Room to manicure her gloves.

Here is the band giving it some hectic R'n'B without breaking a sweat, while the crowd goes wild.

But wait - there's more. On Saturday 30th we played a rockier set in the more intimate surroundings of the Cross Keys in Wymondham, where we let our hair down. Or would, if we'd had any.
See you on Friday the 13th at the Dereham Blues Festival!


  1. A thoroughly entertaining evening with a great band and new venue. A lot of effort was undertaken by all involved
    Awaiting news of another gig at The Gull, with dress code theme.

    1. Thanks Kevin - we are next at the Gull on Friday the 10th October.... but for dress code come to the Rushcutters at 3pm Sunday 5 Aug, where it'll be blazers'n'boaters!