Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gangsters at the Gull - The Movie!

Get a taste of the D. C. Wilson Band in concert with this short show-reel of our show at the Gull in Framingham Pigot on 29 June. You could hardly move for fedoras, feather boas and violin cases, and D. C. was at the centre of the action.  
For longer cuts, and film from other venues, visit our video page.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hooray for Rocky

David 'Rocky' Rochford is a sometime rock and blues drummer who’s had this abiding fantasy: he’d walk into a bar to see a band, only for the frontman to ask ‘is there a drummer in the house?’ and for him to step up and save the day. His dream came true last night at the Louis Marchesi when, after our first set, our drummer Paul - who’d been feeling unwell all evening - had to step down. Rocky had just popped in to the Louis for a quick drink with friends when he got the call, and stayed to complete the gig. Thanks Rocky! And by the way, Paul is on the mend.
Rocky gets the thumbs up from Henry, seated at his massive organ. Pic by Heather Newstead..

Everyone in the D. C. Wilson Band wishes you a peaceful and joyful Christmas and we look forward to a rockin’ 2019. We kick off at the Walnut Tree Shades on 5 January.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Come To Our Festive Show at the Louis!

After a busy Sunday spent Christmas shopping (16 December), why not wind down with the cool sounds of the D. C. Wilson Band? We'll be wrapping up a sensational year with a special show at the Louis Marchesi (17 St George Tombland, Norwich) at 7pm. Come down and celebrate some festive and funky fun!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Follow The Hat on Ents24

Greetings, Pop Pickers! Have you ever woken up with that sinking feeling that you've just missed another fun, frenetic and funky D. C. Wilson show? 

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