Sunday, July 7, 2019

D. C. Does Dereham .... Again and Again

It's finally here - the Dereham Blues Festival is fast approaching coming up to the top of the hour, and the D. C. Wilson Band will be appearing not once not twice but three yes three count 'em three times. So there really is no excuse to miss these Festival regulars, who are not only but also the most fun, flamboyant and best-dressed outfit on the circuit. 

Show Number One will be at the King's Head at 9pm on Thursday 11th July;

Show the Second will be at the Gemini at 9pm on Friday 12th July (standing in for Mule);

... and finally, Show the Third will be at DC's Bar (no relation) at 2pm on Sunday 14th July.

You know what to do. Get your mojo working, dust off your broom and hike down to the crossroads....

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