D. C. 'The Hat' Wilson: Lead Vocals 
Probably the best-dressed man in Norfolk East Anglia The World, D. C. found stardom after singing karaoke. An appearance at a jam night at the Dereham Blues Festival in 2013 led to him forming the band that bears his name. From a musical family (his parents were big noises on the local folk scene) his influences include Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. Is believed to own more than 14 suits. 

Paul 'Timeless' Borley: Drums 
Paul has been interested in banging stuff together since his earliest youth when he played along to the Beatles and the Stones, and, later, Cream. Today he hits Ludwig drums, and lots of them. Also some cymbals. He owns more snare drums than most people have had hot dinners. 

Henry 'Cromer Fats' Gee: Keyboards
Henry saw the light when at age 14 someone played him 'Deep Purple In Rock'. Although he came to the DCWB from local bands Dust Bowl and Stealer, he's gigged with the likes of Sonny Black and Richard Dobney's Blues Engine, and has jammed with the legendary Peter Green. Currently plays a Crumar Mojo 61/B with Yamaha amplification. You can listen to his solo album Songs In The Key of L here.

Nick 'Big Arnie' Stevenson: percussion 
A stunt double for 'The Terminator', Nick is universally regarded as the best-looking member of the band (which is why DC keeps him at the back). Outside the band he's trod the boards, holds an Equity card, and runs his own 'Time Sreet'  discoIn DCWB he sports three enormous congas, two big bongos and more percussion than you can shake a stick at, including shakers. And sticks. A musical obsessive, he's strongly influenced by the Stones, the Brothers (Allman and Doobie), Little Feat, Dave Brubeck, Joni Mitchell and many others. 

Simon 'Baby Face' Sales: lead guitar 
Devilishly young and handsome (though this isn't difficult next to the rest of the band) Simon  came to the DCWB from local band All Blue. An old head on young shoulders, he is strongly influenced by the late, great B. B. King. On stage he is mainly seen with an Epiphone semi, but also totes a Fender Strat and a PRS. Uses Fender amps. 

Peter 'Canary' Thompson: bass guitar 
When not playing bass with DCWB he's invariably supporting Norwich City FC at Carrow Road, and never seen without his roadie/bodyguard. Musically, he started on the violin aged 7 and progressed down the length scale from there. He's played in beat combos since the 1960s, and is influenced by the Beatles, the Stones and especially Bob Dylan. Plays a Fender Precision through MarkBass amps and cabs.

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