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Now you too can listen to the fun and funky sounds of the DC Wilson Band in the comfort and safety of your own luggoles!

Click here to listen to an uninterrupted selection of bluesaciously funktastic sounds - we challenge you not to start tapping your toes to those sick beats ... moving to the groove to those bangin' choons  ... and getting on the dog'n'bone to book the DC Wilson Band on 07787 348832. Or, if you feel inclined, you can send us an email ...

Alternatively, wrap your shell-likes round each lovingly crafted individual cut ...
AVERAGE FEAT: to get your funky feet moving. 
WIDE AWAKE BLUES: rise and shine!
HOUND DOG: the King, now the Bossa.
LOLLIPOP MAMA: lick it up.  
BLACK CAT BONE: voodoo magic.
SUPERSTITION: while on the subject of voodoo...
THE THRILL IS GONE: BB's sig, su casa. 
TALK TO YOUR DAUGHTER: and put in a good word for me, please.
WALKING THE DOG: somehow we don't think this has much to do with perambulating canines. 
CAN'T GET NO GRINDING: what's happened to the mill? It's done broke down!
LONG HISTORY OF LOVE: features our guitar star S. Sales, Esq.
TOO MUCH: roaring modern blues from Bonamassa.
ROCK ME: funk you simply won't be able to resist.
GOT MY MOJO WORKING: we have. Have you?
HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN: muddy wrestling.
HOW LONG: it's ace.
FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD: get motoring.
NO WOMAN NO CRY: everybody loves a Marley Moment.
YOU DON'T DRINK WHAT  I DRINK: what's your poison?
STORMY MONDAY: a T-Bone classic. Done DC.
PHONE BOOTH: ring us up. You've got our number.
OLD LOVE: time for a smoocher.
RED HOUSE: Jimi like you never heard.
HELP ME: meet the band.

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