Show your appreciation of the D. C. Wilson Band with this range of quality merchandise.

With this eye-catching bumper sticker you can tell the motorist following you that you're following the hat!
Button Badge. A magnificent three inches across. £3.60 each. Click here to order.

Black and White Tee Shirt. And yes, it says FOLLOW THE HAT on the back. £29.80. Click here to order.
D C Wilson Band Basic Tee
D C Wilson Band Basic Tee

For the same money, you can get a basic tee with a supersized image on the front, for the hard of seeing.

We do like our beer, in the D. C. Wilson Band, and have been proud to play at the Norwich Beer Festival. So why not combine ale and music with your very own D. C. Wilson pint glass at £13.35? Click here to order. Please drink responsibly.

Enjoy a brew with a D. C. Wilson mug. Contains 325 of yer British millilitres of Rosie Lee. £15.40 per mug.  Click here to order. (Donuts not included).

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